4.5 (2016)

This series was inspired by incidents of police brutality and murders of unarmed black men. On August 9th, 2014, the day Michael Brown Jr. was killed, the one thing that I couldn't get out of my mind was that his dead body laid in the streets, in the hot, August sun for over four hours. That simple fact disturbed me and kept me awake at night. And so, this series, 4.5, was born. This series is an afrosurrealist reinterpretation of scenes of bloody murders involving black men. The juxtaposition of flowers and black men is not quite a juxtaposition. For like flowers, what is more beautiful, more delicate, and more ephemeral than the black body?

Jefferson's Ghosts (2016)

What would it be like if enslaved black men and women got to see the work they created? The University of Virginia, founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1819 in Charlottesville, VA, was built by enslaved black people. This series explores the dream like machinations of an enslaved black woman stepping out of time and seeing the work her hands made.

Spectatin' (2015)

This series follows my journey to Ferguson, Missouri during the one year commemoration weekend in honor of Michael Brown Jr.'s death. I spent the week photographing people in the Canfield Green apartment complex, the neighborhood where Brown was shot and killed. As I spent more time there, I noticed a pattern in the people who came. Soon tour buses, and people from all over the Mid-West were coming and bringing their children. A site of commemoration and remembrance became a site of tourism and spectatorship. What does it do to someone's memory when people are more interested in taking a selfie or posing than learning about the person's life? Or is taking a selfie and posing a new way of remembrance and respect?

Color Struck (2015)

A photo series exploring how beauty, race, complexion, and science intersect.

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